Fundraising Season is Here

Thank you to Sandy and David who hosted a Kairos fundraising meeting in their home. It gave me a chance to share with old and new friends about the vision in Ghana. You two are special!

Sandy and David Olson

Next Sunday I share in Gustine, CA at Westside Christian Center. Our goal this year is for the funds to put the mechanized borehole on the land. Pastors, family, and friends, I’m available to come and speak to your group! Contact us.




Joseph’s Story


Kairos would like to highlight Joseph Kabochi for all he does in Nairobi, Kenya. At the age of 11 he became a street kid. He got hooked on drugs and stole to feed himself. As a teen he got involved in gangs and was in and out of jail. He did graduate school through it all and eventually went through the Teen Challenge recovery program. His goal now is to reach those behind him with the message of hope through God.

His work takes time and effort and he needs encouragement. Will you partner with Kairos to help meet Joseph’s needs? You can make a real difference. Just indicate that your giving is designated for him.

Watch Joseph here:

December in Bangui

Bangui Happiness (2)

These are the government officials of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Social Welfare  of Central African Republic. They officiated the Kairos Conference Dec. 5th-8th in Bangui, of the CAR. Kairos representative Joseph Kabochi and I shared  the Christ-centered way of transformation for substance abusers.

UN Peacekeepers

We had no idea that the capital city of Bangui is one of the few politically stable locations in the country;  80% of the territory of Central African Republic is overrun with rebel fighters. United Nations troops have been keeping peace for over 3 years.
The nation’s education system in the outlying areas has been abolished, due to the violence. Parents in these areas are rising up to educate the children as best they can. Joseph and I are only beginning to fully understand how important our assignment in Bangui really was.


Shoe sacks for Burundi TC


About a month ago, Kairos Global Missions was able to raise funds to buy Burundi Teen Challenge two sacks of shoes to sell and make a profit to help pay for the expenses of the center. Alexis Ciza, Executive Director of Burundi Teen Challenge, owns a shop in Gitega, Burundi where he provides for his family and the center’s needs. Thank you to our awesome donors who helped Burundi Teen Challenge!!

First blog post

Time in Africa has enriched my life so much. For example, the conference pictured above in Kigali, Rwanda, was unforgettable. Meeting so many people with such deep commitments to Jesus has changed my life. This blog will be devoted to short updates about experiences I will want to share. I’ll keep in touch….