Featured Missionary


Kairos would like to highlight missionary Joseph Countryman for all he does for Jesus in East Africa. At the age of 11 he became a street kid. He got hooked on drugs and stole to feed himself. As a teen he got involved in gangs and was in and out of jail. He did graduate school through it all. Eventually someone from Teen Challenge approached him and he started the program. After three months he accepted Jesus and graduated. Later he was sponsored to go through seminary school and graduated with a diploma in theology.

He now helps others get out of the situation that he used to be in. He has experienced the hurt and desperation that comes from being on the streets. He loves those who are down and out in the streets. He spends much of his time caring for those who need to know God and waits for them to ask for help to get off the streets. This ministry takes a lot of time and effort and he cannot do alone. Will you partner with Kairos to help Joseph so he will have what he needs to keep being a blessing? You make a real difference! We thank you! You can give to Joseph on our donation page, just note that you would like the funds to go to him.

Below are the before and after photos. He has come such a long way and needs our support to keep touching others that need to come out of similar situations. Thank you for your support

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