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We are taking action now to partner with the International Justice Mission in order to shelter vulnerable children being rescued from slave labor. We are also pursuing a mentoring partnership with Project Rescue, a rescue mission on behalf of vulnerable women. The photos above share the story of our presence in West Africa and the steps that have led us.

We began in Ghana in 2011. There we repaired boreholes to supply water for 900 villagers of the Banda tribe. We also found our way to a network of amazing men and women meeting crucial needs in their own cities and villages. Through the friendships made, Kairos has been able to help these compassionate leaders who care for women coming out of the prostitution industry, and who work with the imprisoned, the addicted, and orphaned in many nations: Nigeria, Tanzania, Benin, Ghana, Togo, Cameroon, Zambia, South Africa, and Kenya. We also visited the Project Rescue mission in Spain, Madrid, which provides a home and healing for women (some African) rescued from the sex trade imposed by human trafficking. These connections helped us to form our own long term vision for helping the vulnerable in Ghana.

The building plans for our campus in Ghana include 2 cottages and a 5,800 sq. ft. home. The larger house will be a home for women struggling with drug addiction or those who want an alternative to living by means of prostitution. We also intend to raise awareness in the brothels regarding the dangers of human trafficking. The cottages will be devoted to the care of children brought out of slave conditions.

As we position ourselves to go to the next level to care for vulnerable children, I am moved by the photo of village children taken in Ghana in 2011, shown below. These are healthy, happy children, but there are others whose situations are dire and who need intervention. Assisting the International Justice Mission is a next step we can take with your help!

Ghana Children


This video tells the story of our last trip to Ghana and Nigeria.