Land Clearing 2

The first photo above shows the clearing of the land in April of this year, 2018. Kairos purchased the land last year. It will soon be the campus of Kairos Ladies Home, a place where women can live after leaving life at the brothels of West Africa. There they will experience a new way of life reconciled to God through Christ!

Our presence in Africa began in 2011. There we repaired boreholes to supply water for the Banda tribe of Ghana, West Africa. We also partnered with a national pastor in Kumasi to invigorate his urban church for missions in rural areas, to sponsor and minister at a women’s retreat in Akropong, and to assist in the planting of a church in Essienkyem village.

In the last few years we have also been able to give financially to bless evangelists in Tanzania, Ghana, Togo, Cameroon, Zambia, and Kenya. We were able to send funds for the purchase of a motorcycle for Kairos missionary, Joseph Kabochi, as well as send funds to Nigeria for sewing machines for the Daughters of Destiny, an outreach to those coming out of prostitution.

In the past 3 years, affiliation with Global Teen Challenge has allowed us to impact national African leaders and their ministries. These directors reach out to bring those in bondage to alcohol and drugs into freedom. In East Africa (Kigali, Rwanda) we assisted in the hosting of 26 nations at a training conference that equipped leaders from all over Africa to reach out and heal the addicted!

Beginning to have a presence in North Africa has been a wonderful venture. The need for healing from drug addiction is also so great in North Africa. Our new friends there have opened their arms to us. Our Kairos missionary returned recently from a short term there and we are reaching out to others who feel called to a short term there, as well. Contact us if you feel that might be you!