From Jane (not her real name):

“Since I met Rev. Baba and Mary I have been eating more and drinking less alcohol. I am feeling stronger and am gaining weight! I’m so proud of myself!”

From Lily (not her real name):

“I am really needing help. I spent two months in the hospital. They say my organs have been affected by so much alcohol. I am only 25 years old. I want to stay away from it now!”

The Story of Zuwera:

In the photos below is Zuwera. She was a nurse who had easy access to drugs and soon became dependent on them. She was in and out of the hospital for several years. She succumbed to the addiction and passed away in 2021 leaving three children behind. There are other Zuwera’s today who need our help. We are preparing a garden on our campus, Zuwera’s Garden, where we can reflect on and appreciate her life and how she inspired our ministry.