December in Bangui

Bangui Happiness (2)

These are the government officials of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Social Welfare  of Central African Republic. They officiated the Kairos Conference Dec. 5th-8th in Bangui, of the CAR. Kairos representative Joseph Kabochi and I shared  the Christ-centered way of transformation for substance abusers.

UN Peacekeepers

We had no idea that the capital city of Bangui is one of the few politically stable locations in the country;  80% of the territory of Central African Republic is overrun with rebel fighters. United Nations troops have been keeping peace for over 3 years.
The nation’s education system in the outlying areas has been abolished, due to the violence. Parents in these areas are rising up to educate the children as best they can. Joseph and I are only beginning to fully understand how important our assignment in Bangui really was.


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