I’ve always wanted to do something for God in a cross cultural setting. While  in London in 2011, a British man came up to me in the church and said, “You know people are waiting for you in Africa, in many nations and God is going to be sending you there.” It was an amazing prophecy because as yet I didn’t know anyone on the continent of Africa. But a week later while I was still in London, I met Ebenezer Asamoah who invited me and my husband Raymond to Ghana. Within 5 months we arrived there and helped him to plant a church in the village.

From that point other opportunities came up. When we found out that the Banda people  didn’t have functioning water pumps in their village we went ahead and repaired those for the chief, bringing water access to about 900 villagers. Our friendship with the Banda people has continued to develop.

In 2014 the door to other African nations began to open, taking me into 13 other nations, primarily through my partnership with Global Teen Challenge Africa. I met so many wonderful men and women in leadership in so many nations. Each one of them has a heart to reach out to the marginalized, to prostitutes, to drug addicted youth and men and women. Soon, the real needs in Ghana of the women and children caught in prostitution, drug addiction, and slavery became apparent.

We have begun to focus on that issue now. On 5 acres of land in the Banda village, we are finishing phase 1 of the building project. Our Kairos national director for Ghana, Dorcas Musah, is ready to direct the home once the building is finished. We have also fostered a wonderful partnership with the church in Ghana that will help us to staff and care for those in the Kairos Ladies and Children’s Home.

The fact is that many women are being lured across the Sahara desert north into other markets and Saudi Arabia and Europe. We intend to reach these women and encourage them to spend some time living with us where they can rehabilitate in an environment where the love of God will be felt and new life skills can be learned. Thank you for helping us to bring hope.